About Us

Desmond Foundation For Priests In Need promotes the priesthood and stands by those who have lost everything for the sake of the Gospel.

“Abandoned.” It’s one scary word. Where does a Catholic priest go when the walls close in, when he needs crisis care? Who ministers to the minister?

Desmond Foundation For Priests In Need is a unique organization that helps priests in need, when no one else can or will. We respond to any call for help – regardless of “guilt,” “innocence” or the nature of the problem.

“We turn no priest away,”

Priests represent the living image of Christ, but they are also human. When personal problems arise in their lives, Desmond Foundation For Priests In Need is there to provide whatever is needed: emergency funds for special circumstances (for example, a missed mortgage payment or travel costs when a parent dies), counseling, canonical support, legal aid for criminal or civil litigation, and even consolation for priests in prison.

Our Strategy

Our core strategy is to engage with Priests through dialogue, town hall meetings, and round table events to discover areas of need where we can assist them in their day to day activities as regards to their primary assignment in the Parish and then pull together resources from our various partners and donors to help these Priests fulfill their God given callings without struggling much with the physical challenges of life.

Message from the Founder

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